Tuesday, 8 June 2021

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo and Makarios Tabor looking for the MahMight River


dry pond ...

a white rose

in the mud

Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

Anna Maria says:

"After one year of pandemic I feel like my strength is extinguished into a dry pond of solitude, silence, weariness. But roses are roses and are blooming again, even perhaps for me."

Anna Maria chooses a favorite haiku:

the waves

before the wind before

the stillness

Makarios Tabor

Presence, issue 67, July 2020


Anna Maria says:

"For me a poignant and yet serene haiku.  And not conventional.  Only waves, wind and stillness, yes!"

Citation from Waiting from Godot

“Estragon: We always find something, eh Didi, to give us the impression we exist?

Vladimir: Yes, yes, we're magicians.”

Citation from Whthnail and I:

"I think we've been in here too long. I feel unusual."


Anna Maria Domburg-Sancristoforo

Alan’s notes:

Makarios Tabor

Greenville, South Carolina USA


ABOUT Makarios Tabor


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