Sunday, 30 May 2021

A MahMight introduction to the new haiku journal and submission guidelines


Submissions open Tuesday June 1st

submission email:  

Please don't "rush submit" 

so as to "avoid disappointment".

There is NO DEADLINE, 

take your time!

Send your style of haiku to be considered.

MahMight will reply to everyone in time. 

Please be patient. 

A single shot submission:

SUBMIT: one unpublished haiku by you


SUBMIT: one 50 word statement about your haiku

SUBMIT: one favorite haiku (by another author) and why

SUBMIT: favorite quotes from “Waiting for Godot” and “Withnail and I

If all that is achieved then MahMight knows you are deadly serious about submitting your haiku.

What MahMight would like:

A considered and thoughtful decision on which one of your haiku to select for submission

A considered and thoughtful micro statement on the crafting you brought to your haiku

A considered and thoughtful decision to tell us about a haiku from someone else

Ethos and Rescue Mission Statement: 

A prerequisite is that I would love to know your favorite quote from both:

Waiting for Godot:

Withnail and I: 

Thanks to Vijay Prasad for mentioning 'Waiting for Godot'

If you are prepared to take this much care, then MahMight could be for you! Or this might be the journal you might not like, well we are inspired by Marmite!

One Shot Gamble, make it really count, as MahMight is counting on you!


  1. Not for me then Alan. Love the concept just not a fan of either of the two shows. Sorry ☹️

    1. No worries! Hence the strapline "the journal you might not like" :-)

      Do remember there is a call out for wildlife / natural history haiku for Blo͞o Outlier Journal in the Autumn this year.

      warm regards ,

  2. Thanks Alan! I haven’t seen that - I’ll look now 😊

  3. Can’t seem to find any submission details anywhere! Have you posted them yet, or am I looking in the wrong place

    1. Hi Clive,

      It isn't Summer yet! Submission details will go up late Summer or early Autumn.

      Enjoy keeping back a couple or three haiku.

      warm regards,

    2. Hi Alan,

      Thanks I’d hate to miss out 😊


  4. Thanks 'Unknown'!

    warm regards,

  5. Hi Alan,
    By unpublished you mean and include Ku published in private FB groups as well.


    1. Dear Ram,

      Private FB groups is okay too, see you soon!

      warm regards,

      Alan Summers
      Founding Editor
      MahMight haiku journal


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